Wiring Problems

Step 6: Look at the Ring LED

Look at the Ring LED on each BT TwinTalk connected to your extension socket (the TwinTalk connected at your master socket will probably function properly). It should flash a few times as the ringing signal is applied to your line. The phone attached to the BT TwinTalk should then start to ring (depending on the number you dialed and the position of the BT TwinTalk switch). If the phone is not ringing and you want to hear it ring then move the switch to the other position.

If the Ring LED on your BT TwinTalk does not flash but the phone rings in both switch positions then you have a wiring fault at this extension. The ring wire from your master socket is not connected at this extension. To fix this problem follow these instructions.

You can test other extension sockets to which you want to connect BT TwinTalk by following the same steps.

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