Sharing a TwinTalk

It is possible to connect more than one telephone to a BT TwinTalk. You may have two telephones, or a phone and an answering machine, or a phone and your PC sharing a TwinTalk. If two phones share a BT TwinTalk they will both ring when the same number is dialed.

To share a BT TwinTalk you can purchase a telephone "doubler socket" from your telephone retailer. This will plug into the socket on your TwinTalk, You may then plug two telephones (or a phone and your answer machine, or a phone and your PC) in to your TwinTalk. You can also use a plug connected telephone "do it yourself" extension wiring kit plugged in to your TwinTalk if you need the two telephones to be separated by a greater distance.

IMPORTANT: If you share a TwinTalk in this way there will be no GuardCall privacy facilities between the two phones sharing the TwinTalk. GuardCall will be available between these phones and others phones connected to other TwinTalks, but one of these phones will be able to join in, or to interrupt, a conversation taking place on the other phone connected to the same TwinTalk.

You may want to consider this if you are sharing your TwinTalk between a phone and a PC which you use to connect to the internet. If this phone is installed beside your PC then make sure that you do not lift the handset when your PC is connected to the Internet to avoid disturbing your data connection.

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