Big business phone features for the smaller business, or home

If you use an 0800 Freephone, or 0845 Lo-call phone number for your business, then TwinTalk provides the ideal way to ensure that your important business calls are answered professionally. Simply make sure that you link your 0800, or 0845 number with you Call Sign number and set up a phone and TwinTalk (and maybe an answer machine with a business greeting) dedicated to your customers.

TwinTalk Mini Business System gives your small office, home or business, big business phone system features on one BT phone line. You can allocate each of your two numbers to a separate person or department, providing direct dial in convenience to your customers. If one extension is not able to answer the call then TwinTalk Mini Business System will begin to ring the other extension after about ten seconds, giving another person the chance to answer the call and take a message. GuardCall avoids unprofessional interruptions if the line is in use.

TwinTalk can even provide a connection for your EPOS terminal, or till modem, without the expense of a dedicated telephone line.








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