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Step 3: BT Ring Back - "Call me when free"

If you use BT's Ring Back service you will know that if you call a number and the number you called is busy, you can press 5 and the BT telephone exchange will call you back when the number which you called is free again.

If your phones, answer machines and faxes are connected through BT TwinTalks then when the exchange calls you back all extensions will ring to alert you that the number is free and to let you take the Ring Back call at the extension most convenient to you.

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If you have a fax or answer machine attached to one of these extensions then it will also ring.

Please bear this in mind when setting the answer delay on the answer machine or fax. If you allow a few seconds of ringing before the fax or answer machine automatically answers then this will ensure that you answer the Ring Back call on an extension telephone and that the call is not answered automatically by the fax, or answer machine. This would confuse the person you called.

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