DECT cordless phones which will not display the number of your caller unless the phone rings

The following DECT cordless phones will not display the telephone number of your caller unless the DECT phone rings. This will depend on the number dialed by your caller and the switch setting on your TwinTalk.


You may want to take advantage of this change in operation as the Caller Display list on your DECT phone will only display calls made to your telephone number and not to the other number on the same line.

The flashing "envelope" icon on the Verve 3010 will indicate that there has been an incoming call on your line, but the caller's number will not be stored in the calls list if the call was not made to the phone number for the Verve 3010.

If you find that your DECT cordless phone operation changes in this way please email us so that we can keep this list up to date.

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