Caller Display Phones

Step 2: Telephones which operate differently connected through BT TwinTalk

BT Easicom 1000

When you use the BT Easicom 1000 with BT TwinTalk if you have missed a call your display may show "Last Call from Unknown Number Unknown Name".

The number details of your last caller (unless they have been withheld by the caller) and the time of their call will still be stored in the Incoming Calls list of your Easicom 100 accessed by using the CALLS button

BT Synergy 3200

BT Decor 310

Some other Caller Display phones will not clear the Caller Number unless they receive ringing which subsequently ceases.

If the operation of your Caller Display phone changes when connected to BT TwinTalk then we would be grateful if you could email us with the details so that we can keep this list complete and up to date.

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