Broadband and BT TwinTalk

TwinTalk has been developed to operate along side your Broadband high speed data connection. BT TwinTalk and BT CallSign are available on Broadband lines where BT is your telephone service supplier. With BT TwinTalk and Broadband you can enjoy "always on" high speed data connections while your phone calls are routed to the extension telephone, or fax, of your choice depending on the number called.

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If you have a "wires only" connection to Broadband (this is a connection where you plugged in your own Broadband modem in to the telephone line and PC and you were not visited by a BT engineer to carry out this work) you will have been supplied with, or purchased, micro filters (sometimes called "splitters") which keep your high speed data connection separated from your telephone service. You should have one micro filter for each telephone socket which has a phone, or other telecommunications device connected to it.

Your BT TwinTalk is a telephone device and it is important that BT TwinTalk is plugged into the telephone side of your Broadband micro filter.

Do not plug BT TwinTalk directly into your telephone socket but make sure that it is connected to the "phone" side of your micro filter and that the micro filter is connected to your telephone extension socket.









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