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TwinTalk makes your BT phone line work harder.

BT's Call Sign service lets you have two telephone numbers associated
with your BT phone line and with TwinTalk you can decide which of your extension phones (faxes or textphones) will ring in response to the number dialed.

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TwinTalk works on BT exchange lines and will only work on connections provided by other telephone service providers if they can provide Call Sign, or an equivalent service. TwinTalk requires a subscription to BT's Call Sign service. To order Call Sign just call BT Sales on 0800 800 150 and BT business customers can order also order on line.

The information on this website is provided by Small Planet Technology Limited for and on behalf of BT plc and Small Planet Technology Limited.

TwinTalk is a UK Registered Trade Mark.

Beat BT's December Line Rental price increases with the TwinTalk. Buy securely online for only £44.99 including postage and VAT.